GDC12: Killzone Devs working on New IP

Killzone 3

At GDC today Killzone devs, Guerilla Games announced they are currently working on 3 new titles, one of which is a new IP. No information was given about the project as of yet however. The dev also stated they are working on a follow-up to Killzone 3 for the Playstation 3 as well as Killzone for the Playstation Vita.



  1. I am excited to see what their new IP is. Still need to play KIllzone 3 though. Haven’t picked that one up yet.

    • Killzone 3 is a really good game and the multiplayer is very addictive. You can probably get it cheaper now, used or it may have gone platinum. Either way its worth your money.
      As for the new IP, will definitely be interesting to see what it is.

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