Spartacus: Vengeance – Sacramentum Review

I thought this was another slow episode of Spartacus this week, I’m not sure what it is about the show but it just seems different to me, I don’t think its Liam McIntyre as I accepted him pretty quick as the new Spartacus, the show just feels as though its struggling to recapture the greatness of the first season and the prequel Gods of the Arena, or maybe I just miss Batiatus too much…

Anyway, on to this weeks episode, Spartacus and crew move on the ports to free slave ships to bolster their ranks back at the ruins, which leads to some discomfort when it’s discovered the men they have rescued are all Agron’s countrymen and quite wild at that. As you can imagine, Crixus isn’t to happy about this and makes his feelings known to Spartacus who shares them as well.

I was happy to see that Oenomaus was up and about in this episode and seemed to be back to his old self and kicking ass when a battle ensues later on in the episode.

Meanwhile back in Capua, Glaber is making his presence known by putting it out that if anyone is caught even whispering the name Spartacus they will be crucified and starts it off by falsely crucifying one of Illythia’s own slaves. Glaber seems to be getting meaner and meaner as the episodes pass, which isn’t a bad thing by any means, but I think it’s time to let go of Illythia and start focusing on the fight with Spartacus, the show needs to speed things up a bit.

Gannicus is back in Capua this week and gets a few interesting offers from Glaber and Lucretia. Glaber wants Gannicus to lead his troops against Spartacus, while Lucretia plans on leaving open Glabers personal guard so that Gannicus can sneak in and kill him. In the end Gannicus makes his choice and ambushes the caravan that was escorting Illythia back to Rome. So it would seem that Gannicus has now decided to join the rebellion and Spartacus.

Back at the rebel camp, a feast leads to one of the freed slaves, Sedullus, attempting to rape Naevia, this didn’t turn out well as you can imagine, though I thought it was good that Agron came to her aid and after the ensuing battle, pledged himself to Spartacus’ rule. The fight that took place was once again well scripted and has one of the best kills in Spartacus history in my opinion, as Spartacus cuts off Sedullus’ face and his brain slides out as he falls to the ground.

Though it wasn’t a bad episode, there have been much better ones, and the pace of this season seems a bit slow to me, hopefully with the show coming into the back-end of the season now they will begin to pick up the pace.



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