Iron Man 3 to feature Nanobots?

Iron Man in The Avengers

According to a story over on Latino Review the story for Iron Man 3 is based around Nanobots. Now as I’m not a massive comic book fan, I looked around a bit and found that in 2006 a comic was released in which Tony Stark injected himself with nanobots which infused his suit into his bones, known as the Extremis Armor, it essentially made Stark a cyborg.

As well as making it possible for his suit to be stored within himself, it also gave him self-healing and made the suits operating system fuse with his nervous system to make control that much easier.

This could be very cool for the next movie and if true, will be very interesting to see how they handle it on the big screen.

[via Latino Review]



  1. yeah will b e interesting!

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