Playstation 3 Starhawk Beta Impressions

Starhawk in Action!

I downloaded the Starhawk beta for the Playstation 3 recently and since putting in a bit of time with it I thought I would write-up some impressions of the beta. Now I know that a beta doesn’t represent a full product at all so I’m not going to be making any judgments on what the final game will be like.

Firstly I think the game might be a little to frantic, I remember the main complaint I used to hear about Warhawk was that if you weren’t in it from the beginning, other players got to far ahead, to fast and you could never catch up, this seemed to be the case for me in the beta as well. Since I didn’t get into the beta at the very beginning and get my skills up straight away, the other players who have been playing the game just annihilated me, barely giving me a chance to spawn before I was killed again, this can be a turn off for some players. Wanting to give a good impression of what I played however, I persevered and once I got a bit of skill up the game became quite fun.

I found myself building and flying the Hawks, riding the bikes, manning tanks, it was all good fun, I still got killed…alot, but I dished out my own fair share as well, which kind of balanced it out for me, if you come from Call of Duty and are worried about a Kill/Death ratio, then Starhawk isn’t for you because you will die…alot!

The graphics in the game are better than I expected, as is the animation and handling when I was firing weapons as Infantry. Speaking of weapons, there is a wide variety in the game and you can hold fair amount, able to switch on the fly to pick the right tool for the job.

Space Station

The building aspect of the game can become quite hectic, with building falling down from the sky left, right and centre sometimes, it’s hard to see your enemies with the amount of debris flying around on the smaller maps. However it was another aspect of the game I found to be quite fun. Though I can foresee it being a problem in the Capture the Flag mode as in the games I played, each team simply stacked their base with turrets so no one could even get close to capturing which was frustrating.

The flight combat is strong I thought, with the same upgrade system out of Warhawk, simply fly through an upgrade in the sky to gain that for your Hawk, however the learning curve is steep, as I already said, some players have already mastered the game and will shoot you out of the sky before you get a chance to get going. Don’t be discouraged though, once you have a chance to get your skills up, the fun increases! The fact that you can transform into a ground mech at the touch of a button is a cool feature as well, letting you take out ground targets then switch back for some flight battles.

That’s about it for my impressions of the game, I think the online component will be very fun if you have the patience to get your skill level up and don’t mind dying a lot. However if you only want to have a good Kill/Death Ratio, then stick with COD.


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