The Walking Dead – Better Angels Review

Warning, this review contains full spoilers for tonights episode!

Well, what an ending that was. Shane was truly psychotic at the end and its about time he copped a bullet to the head. Though it does raise a question, how do these people, Shane and Randall both turn into zombies without being infected?

Anyway lets start at the beginning, the episode started out with a monologue by Rick at Dales funeral over the top of the others taking out the sadness and anger on a bunch of walkers, it was a good scene and set the tone for the episode. Rick wanted the group to prove that it wasn’t broken, as Dale had said it was but I don’t think that was possible while Shane was still around, however I thought the talk that Lori had with Shane might have been a turning point for him, alas it wasn’t.

It was good to see the Randall storyline wrap up in this episode as well, with Shane going into the barn and freeing him, then coming up with a scheme to make it look as though Randall had killed Rick and Shane coming in to kill Randall afterwards, but really he used it as a trick to get Rick into the middle of nowhere and kill him, himself. Some people back in the group may think that it was Rick who killed Shane for some reason, but I would say that Daryl will come out with his discovery of Randall’s broken neck and double tracks leading to his body to back up Rick’s story as to what happened with Shane.

There wasn’t much else going on this episode, the group began to move into the house and the others each had their own way of dealing with Dales death, but besides that the episode really focused on the conflict between Rick and Shane. It really seemed to me that Rick was going to talk Shane out of trying to kill him, until I saw him reach for something as he handed his gun over, you knew it was all over and Rick was rightly broken up after having to kill his former best friend, I really like Rick as a character, he is a strong leader for this show.

Bye Shane.

Now as the show is heading into the finale, after the death of Shane, the camera cut to a shot of a lot of walkers descending onto the farm, so I think we are set for a huge shootout as all hell looks to break loose in the coming episode. It should be great to watch.



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