Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Update

IGN has put up a commentary video of the latest update to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta which is currently running on PC. The video showcases the new Lake map which they play in Demolition mode.

The graphics seem good and still maintain that classic Counter-Strike look to them. The map features a rather wide area for a Counter-Strike map, with some good areas for sniping but the plant site for the bomb is a close quarters house that will be home to some frantic action.

It is a bit weird I think that you aren’t given money like you normally are in Counter-Strike for kills and wins, instead you start with an M4 or AK47 depending on the side you play and the more kills you get the more weapons you unlock…what is weird though is they seem to be downgraded weapon, going from Assualt Rifles down to pistols?!? It’s a weird design choice but will be interesting to see how it works online.

So check the video out below and see what the new map involves.


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