Starcraft 2 Patching to 1.5

With Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm quickly approaching a release date, Blizzard have announced that Starcraft II will be patching to 1.5 in preparation for the expansion and to address some issues with the game.

Blizzard stated in a post on the games website;

“The upcoming 1.5 patch will be our most feature-laden patch to date. This patch represents the first steps towards the release of our first expansion for StarCraft II, Heart of the Swarm, and will include numerous upgrades and fixes throughout the game. One of the most significant additions will be the all new Arcade feature which includes improved custom game visibility, ratings, reviews, game instructions, screenshot support, and more. Patch 1.5 will also include significant improvements throughout the overall user interface, streaming support, antialiasing, editor and modding upgrades, new art tools, and more. We’ll go into further details about these features in future developer updates. In this update, I would like to provide some insight into the thinking and motivation behind a few of the upcoming changes.”

The patch will also feature some tweaks to the Arcade and custom game systems, making them easier to find and also the communication and social aspects of the game.

Read the full release at


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