Spartacus: Vengeance – Balance Review


Spartacus picks up this week where last week left off, Gannicus is escorting Illythia through the woods to deliver her to Spartacus. Of course this couldn’t be a simple trip, with the pair running into trouble, though nothing that Gannicus couldn’t take care of rather easily.

Meanwhile back in Capua, Glaber continues to use his dog Ashur to do his dirty work, killing anyone who will not give information as to the whereabouts of Gannicus, there was a moment where I thought that Ashur might be tiring of killing for no reason, but that was before he raped Lucretia again, I think he is just evil through and through.

Once Illythia is in the custody of Spartacus, you know that she is going to come up with some story in order to save herself, this time she claims her baby is Spartacus’ and if he kills her, his baby’s blood with be on his hands. I get that they aren’t going to kill off a main character but it’s so annoying, Illythia just needs to die. Though it seems as though they are setting her up for a betrayal of Glaber after Spartacus organises a trade of weapons and armor for her life, only to be ambushed by Glaber who seems not to care if his wife and child are killed.

I love the character of Spartacus but sometimes he is such a fool, Mira is clearly in love with him and would do anything for him but he continuously pushes her away, one of these days I have a feeling she is going to turn on Spartacus. This time she tries to kill Illythia so that Spartacus would not have to do the deed, only for him to throw it and her love for him in her face, if she does end up turning on Spartacus it will be his own fault.

Spartacus' Ambush

As I said earlier, Spartacus and company make a deal for Illythia’s life in exchange for weapons and armor, which is of course a trap. As Spartacus and Glaber talk you get the sense the ambush is coming and as soon as Agron opens the cart and takes a kick to the face, you see that Glaber only truly wants Spartacus dead and nothing else. The fight scene here is another typical Spartacus scene, lots of blood and top-notch choreography as always. It was good to see that Spartacus wasn’t a complete fool, sensing that Glaber would betray him and brought reinforcements of his own, only barely escaping before the Romans arrived.

This lead into the final scene where Spartacus sets Illythia free, telling her that he wishes to take only something that is equal to what was took from him and she is not it. Informing her of Glaber’s attempts to kill him instead of honouring their deal and getting her back. I think it is only a matter of time before Illythia turns her eye to vengeance against Glaber.




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