Supernatural – Out With The Old Review

Supernatural just keeps on coming up with creative ways to kill people. The episode started out with a ballet dancer who literally dances her own feet off, in an explosion of blood. This leads into the first story of the episode, Cursed Objects.

An antique store in town has been selling cursed objects, as the previous owner was a hunter. Now as I said, Supernatural keeps coming up with creative new ways for people to die and death number 2 in the episode is one of these. After buying a cursed kettle, a nice old housewife decides it would be a good idea to pick up a steaming hot, cast iron kettle, bare handed and drink the water inside, as you can imagine this didn’t work out to well and she was burned from the inside out.

It would seem that Sam has come clean to Dean that he can no longer control seeing Lucifer in his mind anymore and now is getting next to no sleep, which almost leads to his death as he falls asleep at the wheel and almost gets into a head on collision with a truck. It’s interesting to see how they are handling the Lucifer storyline as I’m not sure how they can end it. How do you fix Sam’s mind?

Anyway the brothers Winchester managed to track down the rest of the items without incident and lock them back up nice and tight, but not before uncovering a Leviathan plot. Sam and Dean managed to get mixed up with a couple of Leviathan who are buying up real estate in the small town they are in and killing the previous owners. Once spotted, Sam and Dean are lured into a trap and forced to battle with the Leviathan. This is where it gets interesting, now George, the assistant Leviathan in this case is treated like absolute crap the entire episode, so it’s not surprising that he turns on his boss at the end and helps the Winchesters win the day.

The episode ends with Sam and Dean heading back to their personal hackers camper only to find it trashed and blood everywhere, not good as Dean says.

I thought this episode was middle of the range, there were some good gory kills, it moved along the Leviathan storyline as well, but it was just missing something to make it one of the really great Supernatural episodes. It was great to have the show back after a lengthy break however, so I’m looking forward to next weeks episode to see where Sam and Dean will go from here.



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