The Walking Dead – Beside the Dying Fire Review

Wow, what an opening 20 minutes! The finale picked up where the last episode left off, with the walkers attacking the farm, there was some great action here, with the group riding around in cars whilst shooting walkers out of the windows. Rick and Carl were trapped in the barn and decided to set it on fire to kill the walkers inside and hopefully lead some of the others away from the house and give the rest of the group a chance.

It was a very tense opening, with a few minor character deaths, Hershel has lost a lot of his family since the group got to his farm, I might be a little bitter if I was him, but he sticks by Ricks side the whole time which is a good thing. The deaths of the characters were both very gory, getting eaten by large groups of walkers, having veins and meat ripped off, it was great work by The Walking Dead makeup department that’s for sure.

I really thought that Hershel was going to die in this episode, it was set up from the beginning for him to die at his farm, he stated that he would and looked as though he was making his last stand when Lori and the others left him to save themselves. When he ran out of ammo with the walker creeping up behind him I thought that was the end for him but I was very relieved to see Rick come and save his life at the last second, Hershel has been a great character this season and I’m glad he will be back next season.


Oh Andrea, I thought my dreams had finally come true when she was left for dead at the farm, she has been an annoying character all season, but alas she made it off the farm, only to be dogged through the woods by a pack of walkers. She was again dead for all money when a mysterious hooded figure saved her, this character was especially odd, having two walkers chained to his body without arms or jaws. This should be an interesting storyline for Andrea next season.

Lori’s reaction to finding out that Rick had killed Shane annoyed me, she knew better than anyone how crazed Shane had become and even when it was explained to her that he intended to kill her husband, she still looked at Rick as though he was some kind of cold blooded killer, how ungrateful some people can be!

Samurai Zombie Herder?

I was happy to see that the secret from last season was revealed in this episode with Rick confessing that he was told everyone carries the virus that turns people into walkers and that is why it doesn’t matter if you are bitten or not you will still turn when you die, explaining Shane and Randall’s changing into walkers in the last episode. Though the group was less than happy that Rick had kept this from them which lead to the final scene of the episode where Rick really channelled Shane I thought, he seemed very set in his ideas and not willing to compromise at all, the acting was great here and really showed what an impact the events were starting to have on Rick. However I hope that Rick returns to his old self next season, we just had Shane killed, lets no replace him with another version.

Overall this was a very good season finale and the final shot from the episode definitely sets up an interesting third season.




  1. I have never heard of this show before but am very intrigued to watch it now, I have recently found myself watching more serious TV and this sounds like it is very gripping! How many seasons are there?

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