The Hunger Games Review

I’ll start off by saying that going into this movie, I hadn’t read the books, or really even knew they existed, I had seen trailers for the movie and heard a bit of back story from different people but all in all I was going in fresh.

The basic premise of the movie is Katniss, a girl from a place called District 12, who volunteers to enter a kill or be killed tournament after her baby sister is picked in a lottery, so she takes her sister’s place and that is where the movie kicks off. Now the back story to these tournaments is that in the past these Districts rebelled against the Capitol and since then every year, 1 boy and 1 girl ages between 12-18, from each district is chosen at random to compete, last one left alive wins and gets to return home.

The opening of the movie does a decent job at introducing us to Katniss, she is portrayed as a strong young woman who provides for her family after her father is killed and her mother basically loses it. She is good with a bow and knows how to hunt and track. Which comes in very handy when she enters The Hunger Games. It is when she is whisked off with Peeta, the young man from District 12 that things get weird. These people seem to have no problem that kids as young as 12 are brutally killing each other as they cheer for their favourite contestant.

Katniss in The Hunger Games

The world they live in is also in stark contrast to the opening of the film in the poor mining community of District 12, the people wear outlandish, bright coloured clothing and make up and have some futuristic technology at their disposal.

The action of the movie is shot with a shaky cam style which I personally didn’t like, during the action scenes the camera got to the point where you couldn’t really tell what was going on, which takes away from the scene, this is a movie about kids killing each other after all and you never really get to see the impact of that because the camera is shaking all over the place.

The acting was good I thought, yes the movie had some cheesy moments, and the romance between the leads just didn’t feel as though it clicked to me. Lawrence was very good as Katniss though, portraying the character well, she goes through a lot during the movie and it shows in her attitude, especially after the death of a character, Katniss screams out in anger and sadness, it’s a good scene.

I loved Woody Harrelson in this movie, he is a great actor and brings some good comic relief to the film. He has a good relationship with Katniss and helps her from the outside when she needs it after not having the best start with each other, they becoming close by the end.

The villain of the film, played by Donald Sutherland is key to events you find throughout the film. He knows exactly why the games are staged the way they are and how to keep the outlying colonies in check after the last rebellion and by the end you get the feeling he has something in store for Katniss that will be coming later on in the story after she basically humiliates him and the games by the end.

Overall I enjoyed The Hunger Games, it had a good mix of action and character development and I genuinely felt fear for the main characters at certain points in the film, I don’t think I would go and read the books after seeing the movie, but would definitely see the sequel if it gets made.




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