5 Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon

There are alot of shows on TV that out stay their welcome, while others never really get the chance to get going. It seems like the shows that are complete and utter crap are the ones that stay on TV forever, while the true quality shows never pull the viewers to keep them running. Here is my list of the Top 5 shows that got the axe too soon.

5. Dark Angel

Back when I was younger this was one of my favourite shows. A young Jessica Alba as a superpowered mutant, created by James Cameron, whats not to love? The show only lasted 2 seasons, and like every show that gets cancelled before its time, was just starting to ramp up to something that could’ve been great. Alas we will never know the fate of X5-452, which is a damn shame.

4. Heroes

Heroes was great and very popular when it first started, through that first season the show gained immense popularity and it seemed as though it was here to stay. Then the show kind of lost its way, introducing new characters who weren’t really that integral to the plot, or making some storylines that just weren’t interesting. Still I loved the show, but the viewers dwindled and so the show never made it past it’s 4th season.

3. Angel

The Buffy spinoff had a good run, cancelled after its 5th season. The vampire with a soul Angel was my favourite TV hero, before all that twilight crap, this was a great vampire story, a good mix of action and comedy. It did go out in a big way with Angel attempting to take down pretty much every evil thing in the world at once. At least we can relive it all on DVD.

2. Pure Pwnage

Ok, so this one isn’t really a TV show as I’m talking about the webseries here not the TV version, nor was it cancelled, it just kind of stopped. I’m not sure many of you would even know what Pure Pwnage is at this point, but a few years ago this show was a powerhouse on the internet. Following a pro gamer, Jeremy aka Teh Pwnerer, the show was a mockumentary of the way gamers were portrayed in the world. A hilariously funny series that penetrated pop culture, this one really makes me sad to think about. You can watch the series at the Pure Pwnage website.

1. Stargate Universe

The third Stargate TV series, Universe followed the crew of the Destiny as they tried to make their way back home after being stranded there. This show was similar to Battlestar Galactica in the way it was shot and its focus on characters and less on action. The acting was great and the story was full of mystery and just starting to get interesting when they pulled the plug. If only the story had been given a chance to get where it needed to go, the show could’ve been another SG-1 and went for 10 seasons, but in the end we only got 2.

So that is my list of TV shows that were killed before their time. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite shows were that were cancelled too soon.



  1. I have only seen a handful of SG.U episodes but I quite liked the feel of it. Shows like this never really get going until season three or four anyway, so it’s a shame when genre shows are cancelled just at the point where the producers start to get a handle on things. Did they manage to round off any story arcs by the end – is it worth me grabbing on BluRay or will I end up crying when the whole thing grinds to a sudden halt ?

    • They try their best to wrap up what they can, but obviously its not what it should be, maybe if its in the bargain bin for blu rays I would pick it up, but at full price, probably not worth it I would think as you will probably be annoyed haha

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