Spartacus Vengeance: Monsters Review

Spartacus fakes an Attack.

Well, I have to say that I didn’t see that coming. After the events of last weeks episode, some of what happened in this episode was quite the surprise.

We start the episode off with a Roman assault on the rebel camp, which turns out to be Spartacus, Crixus and Gannicus, showing how relaxed their defences had become and if it was a real assault, they would all be dead. It’s good to see they learn from this later in the episode when the action begins.

From there we move back to Capua, where Illythia returns to the house of Batiatus. After she collapses and is taken to bed, she awakens and gives details on the whereabouts of Spartacus, which is later used to find him. I thought Illythia’s storyline in this episode was way out of left field. She was being setup to betray Glaber after the events of the previous episodes, only to scheme with Lucretia to get Seppia to attempt to kill Glaber so she can save his life and be back at his side. Seems like a wasted opportunity to me.

Seppia’s death was a long time coming, she didn’t seem like a character that would last long on this show and her death was very gruesome, stabbed through the heart and having her throat cut by Illythia, blood spraying everywhere, all over Glaber, who then has sex with Illythia whilst still covered in blood. Quite a gruesome scene.

Gannicus and Oenomaus smashing Crixus

Back at the rebel camp, Spartacus hatches a plan to get the split factions to work together as one, by getting alcohol and have sport, pitting enemies against each other in order for them to earn each others respect, which it does, this is important as Glaber attacks after this and they are forced to fight together. It was pleasing to see the relationship between Oenomaus and Gannicus beginning the heal as they fight together against Crixus and Agron, if one is to fall in the finale, I hope they resolve their differences before the end.

The finale of the episode is once again great, the stunt team has been top-notch this season, crafting great fights. Spartacus and company ambush the Praetor thinking that it would be Glaber, only to find that Varinius has come to take the glory by killing Spartacus. When they return to the camp after this small victory, the real attack begins as Glaber and his men shower the camp with fireballs, breaking down the walls and forcing the rebels to retreat.

Oenomaus is having a tough season, being beaten in the pits and only just recovering to now lose an eye at the hands of one of Ashur’s men. As Gannicus comes to his friend’s aid, Glaber strolls into the ruins to take victory, it was a very cool shot of Spartacus and his men smashing oil and building a wall of fire to give themselves a chance to get away, only to be attacked again as they are retreating.

Glaber calls off the attack here, as they head up the mountain, content to starve them out, using one of Spartacus’ favourite phrases, “Kill Them All”. It will be a great finale, promising as much blood as last season.



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