Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Introduces Guerilla Mode

The latest Inside Recon dev diary from Ubisoft details a new mode in Future Soldier, Guerilla Mode. The multiplayer game type is a 4 player co-op mode that can be played online, over lan or on split screen.

Guerilla Mode looks to be extremely fun, having you use your tech and stealth skills to take an enemy position and then have to defend that position against 10 waves of enemy soldiers. If you can defend the HQ for 10 waves you move on to take another position and hold for another 10 waves, to win you need to hold for 50 waves all up.

As you move on in the game you get “Streak Bonuses”, airdrops that will give you items for offence or defence such as weapons, turrets or airstrikes. The mode is based on a points system, the more imaginative and coordinated the kills the more points, use the UAV to mark enemies, with every marked enemy more points.

Seems like a really fun and interesting mode, something different to take you out of deathmatch.

Watch the trailer after the break.


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