Spartacus: Vengeance Finale – Wrath of the Gods Review

All I can say it WOW! What a finale that was, it had everything!

Lets begin at the beginning, the episode begins with Nemetes and his band doing a rogue ambush of a Roman outpost at the bottom of the mountain, when Spartacus finds out he gives aid, which leads to our first death of the episode, it was a shocking one I thought, Mira taking an axe to the chest and dying before they can make it back to the top of the mountain. Spartacus takes his rage out by beating Nemetes down before regaining sense. It was a sad moment, Spartacus already losing his wife and now Mira, she was a strong leader and will be missed next season.

From here the episode begins its secondary story, with Illythia and Lucretia making their way to the encampment to meet with Glaber. Lucretia seeks to have her promise to Ashur stopped, which Illythia makes happen by providing Glaber with the bracelet of Seppius and telling a tale of Ashur seeking to move up with Varinius. Glaber also tells Illythia that she must kill Lucretia as she has outlived her purpose. At this point I was getting very excited at the notion of the end of Ashur, he is a villain you love to hate and for his death to come I was very happy. However, as Ashur has a way of doing, he somehow talks his way out of it, only to be given a task to deliver a message to Spartacus.

Ashur makes his way up to Spartacus’ camp with an offer of surrender from Glaber if they give up Spartacus, which the rebels refuse, I don’t know if Ashur ever thought they would let him leave, but they didn’t, with Crixus challenging him to a fight. Alas that didn’t happen, with Naevia wanting to take her vengeance on Ashur, what followed was a tense fight, with Naevia not allowing any men to intervene and help her and as she was on her knees about to die, she slices upwards into the groin of Ashur, before hacking off his head. This brought a big smile to my face, thank the gods that Ashur is finally dead, he had it coming. At this point Spartacus comes up with his plan of attack, to repel down the side of the mountain along vines and surprise the army from the rear.

Back at the house of Batiatus, Lucretia is lamenting out on the balcony, finally discarding her red wig given to her by Ashur over the cliff, when Illythia comes out and speaks with her, you can feel the tension in this scene, knowing that Illythia is on task to kill Lucretia, but you know that Lucretia is no fool, so it’s hard to tell who is going to strike first. In the end it doesn’t matter, as before Illythia can move to push Lucretia off the cliff, her water breaks and she is taken to bed to give birth.

The final act of the episode is an epic one. The scenes interchange between the ludus and the battle, Spartacus, Gannicus, Agron and Crixus ambush the guards of Glaber’s catapults and use them to send fireballs into Glaber’s camp, disorienting his men and killing half his army. When Glaber finally regains control and moves his men to the catapults, Spartacus and his men await, ready to die, it is a very cool scene. As Glaber attacks, the rest of Spartacus’ men attack, led by Oenomaus, hitting Glaber’s army from the flank, which leads to one of the most epic battles in Spartacus history. Set of an epic musical score, the battle is everything you would expect, blood and gore, epic kills, great choreography and lots of slow motion kills.

It is here that what I feared has come true. Oenomaus comes up against Ashur’s egyptian who took his eye as he beats down Gannicus, saving Gannicus’ life and as they fight, Oenomaus takes a sword to the stomach, seeing this Gannicus rages and comes down with a sword to the head of the egyptian, finally taking him down. It was a sad end, with Oenomaus stating that he and his wife would greet Gannicus as brother in the afterlife. Goodbye Doctore, you were a true champion!

Whilst the men fight, back at the ludus, Lucretia has put her plan into motion, killing Illythia’s slaves before coming clean that she always planned to take the child and that Illythia was merely a vessel, Lucretia is truly insane by this point, and the acting by Lucy Lawless is great here. After taking the child out into the yard to the edge of the cliff, Lucretia seems as though she will raise the child as her own, but as Illythia crawls after her leaving a trail of blood in her wake, Lucretia turns around only to throw herself backwards off the cliff with the baby in her arms, to meet her husband in the afterlife with a son in tow. It is a truly haunting scene, made even worse by the addition of the baby.

With Glaber’s army now overrun, they pullback to the ruins that Spartacus once called home, with the rebels scaling the walls, more epic fights ensue and blood and guts spraying everywhere, the final battle between Spartacus and Glaber is awesome, a truly epic end and a great payoff after 2 seasons of waiting for them to come head to head. Spartacus stabs Glaber through the stomach and they have words, as Glaber warns of Rome sending legions to crush Spartacus. The final kill is a great one, with Spartacus having flashback to his dead wife as he drives his sword down Glaber’s throat.

All in all it was a fantastic season finale, it had everything, sad moments, epic battles, great story. It will be great to see the fallout from this next season.








  1. I hearted Mira and I am so devastated that she is gone. I was so hoping that Spartacus and her would get back together in the third seasons because although they were on a break you could see the love they shared. Even in that twenty second conversation they had before her death you knew they had love for each other.

    I can say that I was elated to see Ashur die but I was disappointed in who hands he fell from. In truth I don’t think Ashur would have passed the test to become a true gladiator of Batiacus (unless he did it in some deceitful twisted way which knowing Ashur could have happened) but the fact of the matter is he was a gladiator and seeing as he couldn’t have the honorable death of being killed in the arena he could of at least been killed by one of his fellow brothers. Seeing him die at the hands of Crixius would have been far more satisfying.

    The death of both Lucretia and Illythia was just amazing. I never thought that Lucretia would kill herself yet alone take down Ilythia and her baby with her.

    I loved this season and it saddens me knowing that I have to wait until next year to see where the show goes next. Well while I wait at least I have the other seasons of Spartacus to hold me together through the long months to come.

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