Rumor: Xbox 720 to Contain Blu-Ray and Require Constant Internet Connection?

In another post on VG247, a source close to the website claims that the next generation Xbox, will contain a blu-ray drive and require a constant connection to the internet.

The story goes on to detail some of the tech specs that are expected to be in the console, including 4-6 cores, with dedicated cores for OS and Kinect. The next generation of Kinect is said to be built into the console as well.

Graphics wise the console may come with a dual GPU based on AMD’s 7000 series cards, though it is said “not CrossFire or SLI”.

So what do you think about this rumor, true or false? Let us know in the comments below, or sign up to the forum and chat about it there.



  1. Great to hear about the Blue-ray drive, but with the constant internet connection? nope. But with the new specs of XBOX720, its hard to resist!

    • Yeah its pretty funny that microsoft will have to pay their number 1 console rival to use the blu-ray though haha. There is some news about the ps4 out concerning their specs to, both console should be good.

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