My Adventures in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

I was recently invited into the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta and after some playtime I thought I would write-up some impressions I have of the game so far.

So you begin your life as a Panda in WoW by creating your character, I chose the Monk so I could get a completely new experience. Once I loaded up the world I was instantly tasked by the quest giver to equip some handwraps and begin my training as a Monk. You start out working on training dummies, using your new techniques, mostly Jab. The feel of this expansion is distinctively eastern from the outset, from the world design to the music, it all gives you that oriental feeling.

As I levelled up my mentor gave me more quests, defeat certain masters and speak to other Monks and of course the old gathering quests. These quests do a good job of moving you around the area, showing you the sites. Some of the more interesting quests were to complete trials to get the spirits back to a central temple, my personal favourite was having to fight atop poles ala The Karate Kid, complete with crane stance. Blizzard have always been good with the pop culture reference in Warcraft and it’s no different in Pandaria.

You're the best, around!

The final spirit to gather is the Wind Spirit, once you make your way through his temple you must go outside and defeat a flying serpent using fireworks to shoot him from the sky, it’s a fun little mini-game. One you have done that Master Shang Xi will come and you must escort him to The Wood of Staves where you do some more gathering quests for him. When you return to him he tells you he is getting old and needs you to speak to the great Turtle as he is sick and you have to aid him.

In order to aid Shen-Zin Su, you board a hot air balloon and speak to him, he tells you that there is a thorn in his side and he can no longer swim straight, asking you to remove the thorn, you and your companions accept the quest and fly around to see what is hurting Shen-Zin, you find it’s not a thorn at all but a crashed Alliance ship, the Skyfire. From here we enter the Pei-Wu forest and find some escaped Tauren who you agree to help, I personally wouldn’t if I had the choice, FOR THE ALLIANCE! It was at this point that I reached level 10 and we able to pick a talent specialization, I chose the DPS tree of the Monk for levelling which is called Windwalker and gained the talent ‘Fists of Fury’ a damage over time melee move that also dazes the opponent.

The horde crewman that you do quests for tells you that in order to dislodge the crashed ship you need to find his engineer in the forest, once you gather explosives for the engineer you head over to the alliance ship and lend aid there, rescuing injured sailors, collecting some medical supplies and killing crocodile men. After defeating the boss of the Horrors, you try to stop the explosion but allow it to happen despite the pleas of Aysa to stop it, after this you must protect Horde and Alliance healer whilst they heal the wound that was just blown in the turtles back. Once you complete that quest a cart will take you back to the Temple of the Five Dawns and it’s here that you will choose your allegiance, Alliance or Horde?

So that is a basic overview of the Pandaren starting zone, through the eyes of a Monk. It’s always nice to play some new content in World of Warcraft, the starting zone here flows well and you can tell that Blizzard have used what they have learned from all previous expansions of the game to make an engaging and fun beginning zone for a race.

If you would like to know anything specific about the Pandaren starting zone or anything else to do with the beta, leave a comment with your question and I will do my best to answer what I can, or head over and sign up to the forum and leave your questions there.


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