New Halo 4 Details Emerge

As happens a lot in the world of gaming, when subscribers get their magazines early, they post up the content of the big games online, which is what seems to be happening with Halo 4. Game Informer subscribers have been posting up details from the story contained within relating to story, multiplayer and weapons.

According to the magazine, the story of Halo 4 takes place four years after the end of Halo 3, Master Chief’s ship has been boarded by Covenant forces, no reasoning behind this has been revealed however.

There is still some new weapons being kept under wraps to be revealed, some old ones return, the Covenant carbine and plasma pistol along with the human sniper, assault, and battle rifles. Halo 4 will also rock the magnum, shotgun, rocket launcher, and carbines.

Read on for multiplayer details.

Details on the multiplayer have it being known as Infinity and it will be connected to the single player campaign in some way. As well as the Infinity mode is Spartan Ops, a separate campaign for four players to take on. It contains objective-based missions and cinematics, with non-DLC additions incoming after launch to keep players coming back.

Weapons in the online component can be customized as well, so players won’t be loading up with the same weapons every time. Everyone will choose a primary and secondary weapons as well as camo option and grenades. Random weapons drop on the map will be delivered by airdrops.

The Spartan points currency system used in the game can buy  you armor upgrades, including an X-Ray like ability to see through walls. Spartan points can also buy you different looks, they don’t add any perks to your load out but are simply a cosmetic addition.

So what do you think about the details? Will you be playing day 1?



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