Game of Thrones Renewed for Season 3

You Win or You Die!

File this under not a surprise, on the back of a great premiere and viewer numbers, as well as a level of hype that was through the roof, HBO has announced that the show has been officially renewed.

Depending on what happens in this season and the changes made to the continuity of the book, season 3 should deal with the book A Storm of Swords, widely held as the best book in the series. Even if some of the events of A Storm of Swords have been moved up into season 2 of the show, season 3 should still deal with the majority of the book, meaning it should be a great season!



  1. No surprise at all.

    In all honesty I hope they stick to the books rather than deviate and ruin it just to drag it out more (i.e Prison Break).

  2. Definitely no big surprise. I just hope that they stick to the books rather than deviate to drag it out a bit longer (i.e Prison Break).

  3. I think it is in really good hands. It is the best show on TV right now and with the author having a large say in what goes on and the showrunners having a respect for the source material, I think its pretty safe.

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