Rumor: God Of War 4 Coming?

Oh I really hope this is for God of War 4!

Posted on the Playstation facebook page, the image above teases a reveal on April 19, by the looks of the image and the popular consensus about the image is it could be a reveal for a new God of War.

The colours of the picture do strike a resemblance to those used for previous God of War ad campaigns and vengeance is Kratos’ thing, so it seems like a pretty safe bet right? I hope so.


  1. The idea of God of War: ‘Redemption’ sounds pretty awesome, but I’m also seeing the possibility of another franchise possibly being played up here – perhaps a new Red Dead release? – granted Red Dead wasn’t a Playstation exclusive, but it was an extremely popular game that I wouldn’t mind seeing a follow up to. My question though would be, if they do make a God of War IV where do you go from where it left off in III?

    I mean almost every god and goddess from that time period has been dealt with and thwarted and then you’ve had mythical beasts in the first couple of installments, so at some point they’re going to run out of opponents for Kratos to face and they’ll have to start making up Greek mythos – which just wouldn’t be as cool or appealing if they fudge it along just to keep a series going imo.

    • They could go with Kratos going up against the remaining Titans, he was betrayed in GoWIII I believe but Gaia. Who knows though, we will just have to wait and see.

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