Community Spotlight – Battlefield 3

I have been sending out requests left, right and centre over the past few days, scouring the internet communities for the best tips, strategies and loadouts from the top players around the world and have had a good response, getting some really helpful tips and tricks on how to improve your skills and not get annihilated when you play online.

So if you are a new player who is looking for some ways to improve your skills, or a veteran who wants that one thing to launch them into greatness, take a read of our tips from the community and take in what works on the Battlefield!

We will start out with some general tips and things to be aware of when you are on the Battlefield. These things should always be observed when you are playing online.

XenMasterQwerty – PC: Colonel Rank 29

“Battlefield is all about situational awareness. To really excel, you have to know what’s going on around the map as a whole and nearby. Stick with your teammates as they move from point to point. Sight is extremely important, as it’s often hard to hear enemies moving over the rumble of the battlefield. Stay back a little, as you probably won’t do as well running headlong into the fire. Don’t neglect your minimap. Every time an enemy fires, they show up on it”.

XenMaster tips that it’s not all about being a hero or a one man army “Don’t be afraid to flee from situations you can’t handle. If you’re heavily outnumbered, a tanks rolling in on you, getting strafed by a chopper etc… Then run and find cover”.

Shooting at your enemies is the bread and butter of the online shooter, how to improve your accuracy online Xen says, “Regardless of what class you’re playing and what guns you’re using, always, always! fire in short, controlled bursts. If you spray and pray, chances are you won’t hit much. Locate your target first, then bring up the sights. Fire off a burst, then compensate for recoil.”

“There are also weapons that are usable by any class: personal defense weapons and shotguns. PDWs are fast and good for close quarters, but aren’t terribly damaging and chew through ammo quickly. Shotguns, of course, are great for CQ. The first shotgun you unlock is very powerful and has a tight choke. You also unlock different ammo types for shotguns as you get kills with them, like flechette (higher material penetration), frag (slow and heavy, but suppresses targets and has good splash damage), and slug (a singular round good for long-range)”.

The moral here is to pick the right tool for the job, if you are playing on a wide, outdoor map like the Caspian Border, pick a rifle with a medium to long-range like the SCAR-H or M4, if playing in close quarters maps, roll in with a shotgun with flechette ammo to cut the enemies down in the tight corridors.

TGxArkbound – PC: Colonel Rank 35

“Don’t block doorways or cover positions, that’s a good way to get someone killed. Don’t stand behind someone getting shot at, you to will be shot at. Pace your shots at medium range, holding down the trigger will cause you to do less damage than firing accurate shots”.

Corrupt_be – PC: Colonel Rank 42

“Is your team stuck, surrounded by enemies? Take a quick look around. You might be able to run past 1 enemy unnoticed. After that, killing a different enemy, might just give you a good position to take out another 2 enemies.

If you pull it off, it’s just the kind of thing your team needs to move up and it’ll also get you tons of Combat Efficiency ribbons if you can pull it off. You’ll be inflicting massive amounts of damage to the enemy troops, by the time they fully realize what’s going on it’s already to late.

Every defense has it’s hole, though sometimes the “window” of that hole is very short, requiring quick thinking”.

l-vIKz-l – PC: Colonel Rank 22

“Never try to snipe or counter attack in any way if you are heavily suppressed. Throw a grenade to scare your enemy, wait behind cover for the effect to pass and attack”.

Classes in Battlefield 3 cover everything and each have a specific role in the game. A good mix of classes on a team can mean the difference between victory and defeat, these class tips will give you a basic idea on how to play each class.



“As assault, drop medpacks wherever you go. Watch out for injured teammates with medical crosses hovering over them. Revive fallen teammates with the defibrillator if they’re not in the line of fire. This is vitally important as reviving someone gives your team back the ticket they lost. Assault rifles are good general purpose weapons, and can be used in close quarters and long-range depending on the gun and attachments”.

TheseusKhan – PC: Colonel Rank 8

“You are a Medic first and an attacker second. If you see a man go down then bring him back. However do not forget that he went down for a reason. You must make sure it is safe to bring him back and in the few seconds that the game gives you. This philosophy applies in any game. If you see a team-mate go down, he died for a reason. That area is not only unsafe but also a challenge. So let’s go there and win that small war. Revive, heal and then also make sure you fight. You have a nice weapon , you can even equip smoke to make sure the team can push past bad points. Smash your team through and make them win. You are after all The Doctor”.



“Engineers, though anti-armor, shouldn’t confront threats head on. Hit tanks from the rear for the most damage. Run out of sight, reload, and fire again. It only takes two rockets to kill a tank from the rear. Forget about aircraft for now. Carbines are great for medium and close range. Don’t bother trying to kill snipers with them though, as accuracy drops sharply at a distance”.

OC-138 – PS3: Warrant Officer 1 Rank 35

“The Engineer is the all around soldier in Battlefield 3, you can be anti-armor, anti-air, infantry, it is a good balanced class. Load out for the map, if you are on the open maps with Jets and Helicopters, take your Stinger missile into the fight. If you are on a map with ground armor only, take your RPG or SMAW. Always take your repair tool as well, a tank with an Engineer on board can be deadly, if you get hit, get out repair and jump back in”.



“Drop ammo for your team as support, and drop it everywhere. Eventually you’ll unlock C4 which easily destroys distracted armor, among other cool toys. LMGs are versatile, good for laying down suppressing fire and hosing down groups of enemies. A bi-pod is useful for longer range, while a foregrip helps those on the frontlines”.


“This should be a more behind front line class. However there is benefits in pushing. You need to make sure people get bullets when and where they need them. If you see someone letting go on the rounds and not asking, then drop a box anyway. That guy will need to get supplies eventually. When he does you will be rewarded. Not only with points because we care not about them, but with the knowledge that soldier can fight on.

Your weapon is usually a large machine gun. These should be at mounted points. You can make sure you get to a point where you will be really effective though. If you find a nice cover spot on the front line use it. You want the enemy running at you with a LMG not the other way around. However we will cover that in a second.

Mortars / Claymore / C4 : These are useful especially when used right. If you are a pusher then place claymores down to watch your back. You should be doing this with 180 movements anyway however the Claymore will pop that bad guy off. Make sure its hidden, not in a common spot and has enough distance to be effective and not spotted. C4 you can use this to remove tanks, jeeps and other such shenanigans. If a tank driver is aiming one way and has no gunner then why not try to blow him up. A tank can devastate your team and objectives. We need to remove it ASAP. Mortars are useful if your team has become dug in. The opposing force is now all in good camp spots and will be easy to take out”.



“Oh boy. It’s the toughest class to play, and very few people play it properly. It is not a sniper class, although the weapons would have you think otherwise. The starting semi-auto rifles are fairly weak, so you’re best using low power optics and treat em like single shot assault rifles. Bolt action rifles do more damage and travel faster. Aim for the head, be still, and hold your breath and steady your aim with high-powered scopes. Don’t camp! Play the objective. The TUGS sensor is great for capturing points. Set one down nearby and it will highlight nearby movement on the minimap”.


“When playing as the Recon class, use your Spawn Beacon to your teams advantage. If you can, find a spot close to the flag in Conquest or near the M-COM in rush and place your Spawn Beacon, try to put it in a hidden spot, this way your teammates can use it to spawn and keep pushing the advantage and pressure on the enemy team”.

Vehicles are a major part of Battlefield 3, with massive maps that are prime for vehicular combat. Each vehicle has its own upgrade and way to play them, see these tips for how to tear up the Battlefield on Land and in the Air.


“Don’t try flying right away, especially if you have passengers. It will only end in pain. One of the co-op missions has you flying a chopper with a friend, so try to learn offline first. When learning, try to maintain a stable hover, then play with the controls until you know what does what. It’s very sensitive to hard banking… If you tilt too far left or right, you’ll get sucked down and it’s very hard to correct.

Jets, unfortunately, have no real training. Note that air controls are inverted and you start off without any countermeasures besides flares. You’ll practically be limited to taking out enemy jets and helicopters with the main gun until you unlock rockets. Fly away from your base and gain altitude, then turn and search for targets. Get behind enemy jets and blast their engines when they least expect it. Approach helicopters quickly, then slow down and unload. It will take less than one “magazine” to take out aircraft if you can line up your shots.

Tanks are easiest to use. Shouldn’t require much explaining. Try to go engineer, and have another engineer friend with you if you’re going for a tank, as they are the only ones who can repair vehicles. It’s usually a bad idea to bail out of a tank unless it’s taken critical damage, as they enemy can repair and steal it.

The rest is slight variations on the overall design. Just note that your sprint key also affects many of the vehicles and increases speed, but it’s only good for straight sprints. Vehicles have a wide range of unlocks too, which I won’t detail. Everything might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but as you gain experience and unlocks, you’ll start to get the hang of it. Oh, and don’t panic. Battlefield has a bit steeper learning curve than most other modern shooters. You might do terribly for a while, but don’t despair. Everything clicks eventually. If you’re having an absolutely terrible game, or if your team is getting crushed, you can back out before it drags you down too much. Explore all your options, and have fun”!


“The Jets and Choppers are probably the hardest things to use in Battlefield 3, they have a very steep learning curve and you will get destroyed a lot online when you are learning to fly, if not by the enemy then by crashing it yourself. Practice however, does make perfect here, get into jets as much as you can, change the view so you can see the whole plane, I found it much easier to learn this way, when you come into a place where you can see an enemy plane, zoom back into the cockpit and fire, zoom back out once you have killed them or they are out of sight.

Choppers are a bit easier to use than Jets, a good thing to do here is once you are confident to fly them online, try and fly with a crew, with them manning the guns, you can simply hover or fly around while they decimate the ground, you can chime in with attack helicopters missiles every now and then for some kills as well, or to take out ground armor such as tanks.

Speaking of tanks, they are probably he easiest vehicle to use, they are slow, tough and absolutely destroy other vehicles on the ground as well as infantry and buildings, a good tank driver can turn the tide of battle. Use the tanks main weapon on buildings to give your enemies no places to hide, destroy other vehicles with it, and ride with a companion on the gun to give you that extra bit of firepower”.


In a Helicopter try the impossible. Try to get inside those gaps you never have before, Helicopters might have to go quite low. You can also use buildings to block missiles. However if you crash in your own time you do not help the Battlefield. Crash now while you are learning.

So there you have it, some very skillful players have shared some insight into their thoughts and how to become a good player online in Battlefield 3. If you have your own tips and tricks you use online, leave a comment and tell us all about it.


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