Supernatural – Of Grave Importance Review

Ah, it’s good to have Supernatural back on TV, it seems to go on long breaks way to much.

To begin the review I need to say, thank god they can finally see Bobby, been way to long since they got to interact with him. With that out of the way, lets begin at the beginning.

The episode kicks off with an all to familiar setting, teenagers hooking up in a haunted house, this is only going to end one way right?! So as was expected, the kids get butchered. The house they are in just so happens to be the job that one of Bobby’s old flames is working a job at, Annie enters the house to find the kids dead, before getting attacked herself. When she doesn’t show up to meet with Sam and Dean the next day, the boys go looking for her.

Doing a bit of research, Sam and Dean find the job where Annie was working and begin to snoop around, you know something isn’t right, generally when some disappears in Supernatural they are dead. No difference here, the boys find Annie’s phone, whilst Ghost Bobby finds Annie, who is now a ghost herself.

This brings us into the main story of the episode, the house where they are working is filled with ghosts, as it turns out, the owner of the house from hundreds of years ago when it was a brothel, was killing people who lived and worked there and the ghost who was made out to attack Annie and the teenagers at the beginning of the episode was actually trying to warn them away. All the ghosts were being kept there as food for the boss, who sucked the power out them for his own gains.

When Annie and Bobby find out what is going on, they begin a hunt of their own, recruiting other ghosts to help them, Bobby learns how to move objects in this episode, even though he has done it before as we know, he hasn’t yet mastered it, getting a little Swayze help from one of the long time residents of the house, once Bobby learns to move objects, he lets Sam and Dean know he is there and that Annie is stuck in the house. The other ghost who helps them out is Victoria, a ‘fancy lady’ who worked at the brothel, she has about enough time to tell the boys about Annie before the big bad comes and sucks her dry.

However now that the boys have found out who they need to look for, they head to the cemetery in order to burn the bosses bones, but he is smart and plants a key on them so that he can ride along in the car. While he is gone, Bobby and Annie find where he is hiding all the bodies, including Annie’s, when they find the bodies it is a saddening moment, you might be able to imagine what it would be like to see your own dead body, and the look on her face tells the story perfectly. It comes as no surprise then when Annie tells Bobby she wants a Hunter’s funeral, not wanting to linger as a ghost.

Back in the car, Whitman, takes control of the car, trying to crash it and kill the Winchester’s, however we all know they won’t die, and they get out and destroy the key planted in Sam’s pocket, sending Whitman back to the house, bad news for Bobby and Annie who flee before they are caught, however Whitman is to powerful and attacks Bobby, beginning to drain him of his life, but Sam and Dean burn his bones just in time, conveniently enough!

The one thing I didn’t like about the episode was Dean’s reaction to seeing Bobby, after wanting to see him so badly for the past few episodes, when he finally gets to see him there is no happy moment, both the brothers begin to lecture Bobby that what he is doing is wrong, at least cherish the moment for a little bit guys, its Bobby for christ sake!

Overall I thought this was a good episode not only for the fact that it moved along a longtime storyline, but there was some good action and some token Supernatural comedy thrown in for good measure. I laughed when Dean and Sam came clean that they had both slept with Annie at one point in time, then for Bobby to say they didn’t know her like he did at the end of the episode, probably good that one stayed a secret.



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