Game Of Thrones – Garden of Bones Review

Now that is what I am talking about. This episode of Game of Thrones was great, I like the additions the show runners are adding to the show that weren’t really in the books or merely touched upon in the books.

NOTE: Full episode spoilers inside.

I found myself with a disgusted look on my face pretty much every time Joffrey was on-screen, he just keeps on getting worse and worse and Jack Gleeson is doing a great job of making Joffrey a character that is very easy to hate. He starts off by having Sansa beaten in the middle of the throne room, only to be saved by Tyrion. He then has a pair of prostitutes who Tyrion hires to try to make him soften a bit, beat eachother into a bloody mess with his belt and scepter whilst at Arrow-point. God knows where the creators will go next with Joffrey, I’m not sure he can get much worse.

This was yet another great episode for Tyrion, you sometimes forget that Tyrion is on the side of the Lannisters, defending Sansa, scheming against Cersei, he a great character, one that is layered and keeps you guessing as to what his real motives are. Being a fan of the books, I know where Tyrion goes from here, but if you didn’t know, you would certainly be kept guessing. I loved the scene with Tyrion confronting Lancel about sleeping with Cersei, and Lancel’s reaction when Tyrion threatened to tell Joffrey was priceless, with Tyrion turning another to his cause to spy on Cersei.

We got a bit more of Daenerys this week, with her arrival at Qarth, it has been a long road for Dany and she finally makes it to the gates, only to be nearly turned away if not for Xaro Xhoan Daxos, one of the 13 of Qarth. Dany gets quite assertive here, threatening to burn the city to the ground if she is not allowed entry. I suppose she can be forgiven after her long journey, for being a bit short-tempered. I do think they need to feature Dany a bit more in the show, he story is moving along a bit slow at the moment, with only 10 episodes in a season, she needs to start getting things done.

Robb Stark once again shows his smarts in battle in this episode, ambusing a Lannister camp in the dead of night with his wolf at the head. Though I didn’t like the way they setup a field medic to be the one that will become Robb’s love interest. Especially as some events have not yet happened for him to have a love interest, hopefully they don’t follow through with this tease and let the story play out the same way it did in the book.

Another thing the show has brought that wasn’t in the book was the confrontation of Littlefinger and Catelyn Stark and Renly’s camp. This was a great scene, I especially liked the ending where Littlefinger presents Catelyn with the bones of Eddard, to rest beneath Winterfell, it is the honourable end that Eddard deserves.

As well as Qarth, we are introduced to another new location in this episode, Harrenhal, home of the newly cast Mountain. As Arya, Gendry, Hot Pie and the other prisoners are bought there for torture for information about the Brotherhood. I am assuming they are talking about the Brotherhood without Banners, a group of men that are introduced later in the story as soldiers from different armies who have made their own band. The way the Mountain picks out different prisoners to be tortured is cringeworthy, having their insides eaten out by rats. Arya begins here reciting of names in this episode to, Cersei, Joffrey, Ser Ilyn Payne, The Hound, she chants their names as she falls asleep, a list of people she wants to kill. She will add a few more before she leaves Harrenhal!

The climax of the episode was awesome! With Davos taking Melisandre to shore close to Renly’s camp, with the Red Priestess removing her robe to show that she is pregnant, she then proceeds to give birth to a shadow demon, the special effects here are great, creepy, yet deadly. I was hoping they wouldn’t end the episode with it, but show at least what the shadow does, but alas, we will have to wait until next week. Being one of my favourite book scenes, it will be good to see how they do it on-screen.

So what do you guys and girls think? How was tonights episode? How much do you hate Joffrey? Let us know in the comments below.




  1. I just finished Clash of Kings yesterday before watching Garden of Bones and so my hate for Joffrey was already festering. Can’t wait to see him get his just desserts! Loved last night’s episode and I’m loving the books. Starting Sword of Storms as we speak.

    • Hi Adam, Storm of Swords is the best book in the series in my opinion, alot happens in it but not all of it good, so you have a lot to look forward to. And yes I can’t wait to see Joffrey get whats coming to him as well.

  2. I personally love the scenes with Joffrey, yeah he’s a hated character but damn he’s playing the role nicely if you ask me 🙂

  3. Rose Smith says:

    Have you noticed when Tyrion speaks to Joffrey he backs down a bit.

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