Supernatural: ‘The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo’ Review

This weeks episode was a bit mediocre I thought, saved by a few scenes that brought it up from being not so good.

This episode was touted on the internet because of the guest appearance of Felicia Day, but to be honest I thought she was more annoying than anything else, her only saving grace being the flirt scene with Dean on the other end of the phone, I laughed out loud at that scene and even that was more for Dean’s part than hers.

We returned to the Leviathans this week, with Sam and Dean needing to go into the “Death Star” as Dean put it, to recover a hard drive of Frank’s that the Leviathans were trying to hack. The hard drive had information about the brothers false identities and even where they stashed the Impala, Dean didn’t like that at all. So the brother’s head towards Roman Enterprises to do their mission, bringing in Day’s character, Charlie, who is the one hacking the drive, she agrees to help Sam and Dean after she sees her boss eaten by a Leviathan. This brings us to the mission of the episode, with Sam and Dean sitting this one out and letting Charlie infiltrate the office and get the information they need.

Whilst Charlie is inside, she gets some information out of Roman’s email account that he has found something important on a dig site and it is coming into the country as they speak, so the brother head to the airport to intercept. This was a good little twist for the episode, with the writers making it out that Sam and Dean didn’t make it on time to intercept the package, however when Dick Roman opens the package to find a Borax bomb inside, we cut back to the pickup to find that Sam and Dean have posed as airport baggage men and switched the packages, it was a clever and funny moment.

Now something that is annoying me since Bobby came back is that the brother refuse to let him help out of fear that he will turn vengeful, it seems to me that them not letting Bobby help is pushing him to be vengeful when he really wouldn’t be if they just let him do what he does best. Bobby is the one who gives the boys the information about Dick Roman’s plans at the beginning of the episode. So Bobby takes matter into his own hands and puts the flask into Charlie’s bag in order to follow her into the office. This leads to a cool action scene at the end of the episode when Charlie is found out and Bobby uses his ghost mojo to protect her, smashing Roman into the wall, with Roman simply laughing and taunting Bobby to show himself and fight like a man. It was a great scene, probably the best of the episode.

The conclusion of the episode has Sam and Dean putting Charlie on a bus in order to disappear, as she is no doubt now on Roman’s radar for helping Sam and Dean. After she leaves the boys talk about what is to be done about Bobby, I really wish they would just let him help, but it seems to me they show is building to a confrontation between them, that isn’t going to end well, I really like Bobby and don’t want him to leave the show, so here’s to hoping we get a happy ending.



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