Game of Thrones – ‘The Ghost of Harrenhal’ Review

NOTE: Full Spoilers Ahead!

Now we are starting to get the ball rolling, last weeks episode kicked this season up a notch and this episode has done the same, beefing up the other characters who didn’t get done last week like Jon Snow and Daenarys.

Just as I thought would happen, this weeks episode picks up where last weeks leaves off, with Catelyn Stark coming to terms with Renly Baratheon about an alliance with Robb Stark, however this doesn’t last long, for just as they are coming to terms, the shadow demon that was birthed at the end of the last episode completes its mission, killing Renly, it was a well done scene, with good special effects, however I thought they should have stuck to the book and had Ser Loras attack Brienne because he thought she killed Renly, rather than two random guards.

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Brienne shows her fighting skills yet again, killing the two guards and escaping with Catelyn. From here Littlefinger 0nce again sticks his nose in whilst Ser Loras and Margaery are grieving for Renly, telling them to flee before Stannis comes ashore. I’m not sure I like how Margaery Tyrell is being portrayed in the TV show, in the book even though you can tell there is more beneath the surface, she just seems as though she is out for one thing and will do anything to get it, much akin to Cersei. Speaking of Cersei, she also seems less clever and scheming than her book counterpart, coming off as more petty than anything else. Whilst she and Tyrion are discussing the defence of King’s Landing, instead of coming to terms with Tyrion and coming up with a plan to defend the city, she acts like a child, hiding her and Joffrey’s plans, it’s petty and takes away from her character I think.

One of the characters that I really am enjoying this season is Davos Seaworth, I like his chapters and character in the book and its a joy to watch his characer on-screen as well. He is the strong advisor that Stannis needs, giving him the right advice, even when Stannis doesn’t want it, advising him to leave Melisandre behind when he attacks King’s Landing so that no one can say he didn’t win the Throne by himself.

My most unenjoyable part of the episode again this week was Theon, I must admit that as a fan of the Stark’s, I am dreading what is to come for Winterfell, and it begins in this episode, with Theon attacks Torrhen’s Square, pulling away the defences of Winterfell in order to retake it, leaving the city undefended. You can probably tell what will happen from here.

Ah Arya, it is good to see her storyline progressing in this episode, with Arya and Jaqen H’Ghar coming to a pact, 3 lives for the Red God, starting with The Tickler. This really is the start of Arya’s path, where she goes from here really begins with the death of The Tickler, and the slight grin on her face as she realises she can get some semblance of revenge brought a smile to my face as well.

North of the wall we finally meet Qhorin Halfhand, a ranger of the Night’s Watch, he comes to the caravan and lays out the plans of Mance Raydar and wildlings and continues to say he needs a small team to take out some outposts of the Wildlings, with Jon Snow volunteering. This is also somewhat the beginning of the next stage of Jon’s story, moving away from the main body of the Night’s Watch and becoming a ranger. I can’t wait to see on the screen what comes next.

Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys dealing with her own challenges, with Xaro proposing marriage in return for providing her with enough gold to buy an army and ships to take the Throne in Westeros, as well as the realization that Ser Jorah may be in love with her. Also receiving an invitation to from Pyat Pree, a warlock, to visit the House of the Undying, this is going to be very interesting in the coming episodes.

All in all, this was another strong episode, developing the characters that haven’t had as much screen time so far this season, while also pushing forward the storylines that are considered to be the main storylines in this season. As usual, the shows keeps you wanting more, so next week can’t come fast enough!

So what do you all think about this episode? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Great episode IMO 🙂

  2. Yeah i enjoyed it, though i love the show so i always enjoy it.

  3. i like it

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