Game of Thrones – ‘The Ghost of Harrenhal’ Review

NOTE: Full Spoilers Ahead!

Now we are starting to get the ball rolling, last weeks episode kicked this season up a notch and this episode has done the same, beefing up the other characters who didn’t get done last week like Jon Snow and Daenarys.

Just as I thought would happen, this weeks episode picks up where last weeks leaves off, with Catelyn Stark coming to terms with Renly Baratheon about an alliance with Robb Stark, however this doesn’t last long, for just as they are coming to terms, the shadow demon that was birthed at the end of the last episode completes its mission, killing Renly, it was a well done scene, with good special effects, however I thought they should have stuck to the book and had Ser Loras attack Brienne because he thought she killed Renly, rather than two random guards.

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Supernatural: ‘The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo’ Review

This weeks episode was a bit mediocre I thought, saved by a few scenes that brought it up from being not so good.

This episode was touted on the internet because of the guest appearance of Felicia Day, but to be honest I thought she was more annoying than anything else, her only saving grace being the flirt scene with Dean on the other end of the phone, I laughed out loud at that scene and even that was more for Dean’s part than hers.

We returned to the Leviathans this week, with Sam and Dean needing to go into the “Death Star” as Dean put it, to recover a hard drive of Frank’s that the Leviathans were trying to hack. The hard drive had information about the brothers false identities and even where they stashed the Impala, Dean didn’t like that at all. So the brother’s head towards Roman Enterprises to do their mission, bringing in Day’s character, Charlie, who is the one hacking the drive, she agrees to help Sam and Dean after she sees her boss eaten by a Leviathan. This brings us to the mission of the episode, with Sam and Dean sitting this one out and letting Charlie infiltrate the office and get the information they need.

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‘The Avengers’ Review

I have to say that I haven’t had this much fun at the movies in a long time, this movie was a treat to watch, with good laughs, great action, good acting, the special effects were great, it was the complete package.

Note: Full Spoilers Ahead!

The movie tells the story of Loki, coming to Earth in order to steal the Tessaract, a cube of energy that Loki wants to use in order to open a portal and allow his army to conquer the Earth. As you might expect, this doesn’t go down to well. In steps Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D, bringing together the greatest heroes the Earth has to offer in order to defeat the invading army. Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk and Thor come together, not to easily at first, fighting amongst themselves for a good portion of the movie, this brings with it some great action scenes.

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Game Of Thrones – Garden of Bones Review

Now that is what I am talking about. This episode of Game of Thrones was great, I like the additions the show runners are adding to the show that weren’t really in the books or merely touched upon in the books.

NOTE: Full episode spoilers inside.

I found myself with a disgusted look on my face pretty much every time Joffrey was on-screen, he just keeps on getting worse and worse and Jack Gleeson is doing a great job of making Joffrey a character that is very easy to hate. He starts off by having Sansa beaten in the middle of the throne room, only to be saved by Tyrion. He then has a pair of prostitutes who Tyrion hires to try to make him soften a bit, beat eachother into a bloody mess with his belt and scepter whilst at Arrow-point. God knows where the creators will go next with Joffrey, I’m not sure he can get much worse.

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Supernatural – Of Grave Importance Review

Ah, it’s good to have Supernatural back on TV, it seems to go on long breaks way to much.

To begin the review I need to say, thank god they can finally see Bobby, been way to long since they got to interact with him. With that out of the way, lets begin at the beginning.

The episode kicks off with an all to familiar setting, teenagers hooking up in a haunted house, this is only going to end one way right?! So as was expected, the kids get butchered. The house they are in just so happens to be the job that one of Bobby’s old flames is working a job at, Annie enters the house to find the kids dead, before getting attacked herself. When she doesn’t show up to meet with Sam and Dean the next day, the boys go looking for her.

Doing a bit of research, Sam and Dean find the job where Annie was working and begin to snoop around, you know something isn’t right, generally when some disappears in Supernatural they are dead. No difference here, the boys find Annie’s phone, whilst Ghost Bobby finds Annie, who is now a ghost herself.

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Game of Thrones – What Is Dead, May Never Die Review

There are a few things in Game of Thrones that really irritate me, to the point of being annoyed for them simply being on the screen. Theon Greyjoy is number 1 on this list.

For those who haven’t read the book, you will know what I mean soon enough and from this episode probably have a pretty good idea anyway. With Theon heading back to Pyke in the last episode to try to gain his fathers fleet to back Robb Stark in his war with the Lannisters, he gets there and finds that he is not wanted, nor loved by his father. In his haste to win his fathers love, Theon completely betrays Robb, his friend for the past 10 years, the man to whom he pledged his loyalty to at the beginning of the war. Theon even contemplates telling Robb about his fathers plans to attack the North while he was away, but decides to burn the letter and betray his friend. I really dislike Theon…a lot.

Back in the Seven Kingdoms, we have Catelyn Stark arriving at Renly Baratheon’s camp in the middle of a tournament. It is here that was are introduced to the Maiden Brienne of Tarth, who defeats the Knight of Flowers in single combat to become part of Renly’s Kingsguard. I think they got the perfect actress to play Brienne, she is absolutely huge when standing next to Catelyn Stark and very man like, matching the description in the book, good casting here. Meanwhile, Renly is shown to find it impossible to pleasure his wife Margaery Tyrell, who comes clean that she knows that Renly is gay and sleeping with Ser Loras, however she doesn’t react the way you might think, telling Renly she will do what it takes for him to impregnate her and keep their enemies at bay.

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Game of Thrones – The Night Lands Review

Thank god for HBO Go is all I can say, after our first taste of Game of Thrones season 2 last night, we have episode 2 already.

‘The Night Lands’ is a much smoother flowing episode than “The North Remembers”, focusing on a smaller group of characters and not jumping around as much as there is no need to introduce all the new player in the Game of Thrones this episode.

We kick off this episode on the Kingsroad with Arya as she and we are first introduced to Jaqan H’Ghar, one of the 3 prisoners locked up in Yoren’s cart. I won’t spoil his identity or role in the story for those who haven’t read the book but it is good to finally see the man who will be very important in Arya’s life in the future. We also see a pair of Gold Cloaks arrive at the camp searching for Gendry, however they are sent packing by some quick thinking on Yoren’s part.

Peter Dinklage is once again great as Tyrion in this episode, his back and fourth with Varys is a nice touch, as he warns him that he is not Ned Stark and knows how to play the game. As we move to a small council meeting, Cersei once again shows her simplemindedness as she disregards a request from the Night’s Watch for more men, despite Tyrion’s claim that Mormont is no liar.

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Game of Thrones Season 2 Premiere – The North Remembers Review

You Win or You Die!

It is so good to have Game of Thrones back, it’s been a long wait.

The opening episode is a slow one, introducing the new players in the War of the Five Kings, as well as re-introducing our favourites from season 1.

The episode begins with The Hound beating down some no name knight during the games on Joffrey’s name day. After the knight is brutally smashed over the head by the hound and thrown over the balcony to his death below, the story introduces Sir Dontos. Sir Dontos plays a major part in the story of Sansa and he is introduced here as a fat, drunk. Before he can be put to death by Joffrey for being drunk on his name day, Sansa stops Joffrey and suggest Dontos becomes his new fool, a humiliation, something that Joffrey loves to do.

It is here that we get to see Tyrion return to King’s Landing. Tyrion shows some compassion for Sansa, seeing straight through her programmed lies of love and loyalty to Joffrey. Once he is done baiting his nephew to anger, he moves to the Small Council meeting with the news he has been named the Hand of the King by his father in his stead. As you might imagine Cersei is not happy about this and quickly put Tyrion in his place in regards to his role as Hand.

Back in the North it would seem that Bran is having his first dreams about inhabiting his direwolves body, seeing the wolf walking through the godswood at Winterfell and seeing his face in the pond as he sleeps, this is another seed planted for future storylines involving Bran, for fans of the books, something that is very important and exciting.

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Spartacus: Vengeance Finale – Wrath of the Gods Review

All I can say it WOW! What a finale that was, it had everything!

Lets begin at the beginning, the episode begins with Nemetes and his band doing a rogue ambush of a Roman outpost at the bottom of the mountain, when Spartacus finds out he gives aid, which leads to our first death of the episode, it was a shocking one I thought, Mira taking an axe to the chest and dying before they can make it back to the top of the mountain. Spartacus takes his rage out by beating Nemetes down before regaining sense. It was a sad moment, Spartacus already losing his wife and now Mira, she was a strong leader and will be missed next season.

From here the episode begins its secondary story, with Illythia and Lucretia making their way to the encampment to meet with Glaber. Lucretia seeks to have her promise to Ashur stopped, which Illythia makes happen by providing Glaber with the bracelet of Seppius and telling a tale of Ashur seeking to move up with Varinius. Glaber also tells Illythia that she must kill Lucretia as she has outlived her purpose. At this point I was getting very excited at the notion of the end of Ashur, he is a villain you love to hate and for his death to come I was very happy. However, as Ashur has a way of doing, he somehow talks his way out of it, only to be given a task to deliver a message to Spartacus.

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Spartacus Vengeance: Monsters Review

Spartacus fakes an Attack.

Well, I have to say that I didn’t see that coming. After the events of last weeks episode, some of what happened in this episode was quite the surprise.

We start the episode off with a Roman assault on the rebel camp, which turns out to be Spartacus, Crixus and Gannicus, showing how relaxed their defences had become and if it was a real assault, they would all be dead. It’s good to see they learn from this later in the episode when the action begins.

From there we move back to Capua, where Illythia returns to the house of Batiatus. After she collapses and is taken to bed, she awakens and gives details on the whereabouts of Spartacus, which is later used to find him. I thought Illythia’s storyline in this episode was way out of left field. She was being setup to betray Glaber after the events of the previous episodes, only to scheme with Lucretia to get Seppia to attempt to kill Glaber so she can save his life and be back at his side. Seems like a wasted opportunity to me.

Seppia’s death was a long time coming, she didn’t seem like a character that would last long on this show and her death was very gruesome, stabbed through the heart and having her throat cut by Illythia, blood spraying everywhere, all over Glaber, who then has sex with Illythia whilst still covered in blood. Quite a gruesome scene.

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The Hunger Games Review

I’ll start off by saying that going into this movie, I hadn’t read the books, or really even knew they existed, I had seen trailers for the movie and heard a bit of back story from different people but all in all I was going in fresh.

The basic premise of the movie is Katniss, a girl from a place called District 12, who volunteers to enter a kill or be killed tournament after her baby sister is picked in a lottery, so she takes her sister’s place and that is where the movie kicks off. Now the back story to these tournaments is that in the past these Districts rebelled against the Capitol and since then every year, 1 boy and 1 girl ages between 12-18, from each district is chosen at random to compete, last one left alive wins and gets to return home.

The opening of the movie does a decent job at introducing us to Katniss, she is portrayed as a strong young woman who provides for her family after her father is killed and her mother basically loses it. She is good with a bow and knows how to hunt and track. Which comes in very handy when she enters The Hunger Games. It is when she is whisked off with Peeta, the young man from District 12 that things get weird. These people seem to have no problem that kids as young as 12 are brutally killing each other as they cheer for their favourite contestant.

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The Walking Dead – Beside the Dying Fire Review

Wow, what an opening 20 minutes! The finale picked up where the last episode left off, with the walkers attacking the farm, there was some great action here, with the group riding around in cars whilst shooting walkers out of the windows. Rick and Carl were trapped in the barn and decided to set it on fire to kill the walkers inside and hopefully lead some of the others away from the house and give the rest of the group a chance.

It was a very tense opening, with a few minor character deaths, Hershel has lost a lot of his family since the group got to his farm, I might be a little bitter if I was him, but he sticks by Ricks side the whole time which is a good thing. The deaths of the characters were both very gory, getting eaten by large groups of walkers, having veins and meat ripped off, it was great work by The Walking Dead makeup department that’s for sure.

I really thought that Hershel was going to die in this episode, it was set up from the beginning for him to die at his farm, he stated that he would and looked as though he was making his last stand when Lori and the others left him to save themselves. When he ran out of ammo with the walker creeping up behind him I thought that was the end for him but I was very relieved to see Rick come and save his life at the last second, Hershel has been a great character this season and I’m glad he will be back next season.


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Spartacus: Vengeance – Balance Review


Spartacus picks up this week where last week left off, Gannicus is escorting Illythia through the woods to deliver her to Spartacus. Of course this couldn’t be a simple trip, with the pair running into trouble, though nothing that Gannicus couldn’t take care of rather easily.

Meanwhile back in Capua, Glaber continues to use his dog Ashur to do his dirty work, killing anyone who will not give information as to the whereabouts of Gannicus, there was a moment where I thought that Ashur might be tiring of killing for no reason, but that was before he raped Lucretia again, I think he is just evil through and through.

Once Illythia is in the custody of Spartacus, you know that she is going to come up with some story in order to save herself, this time she claims her baby is Spartacus’ and if he kills her, his baby’s blood with be on his hands. I get that they aren’t going to kill off a main character but it’s so annoying, Illythia just needs to die. Though it seems as though they are setting her up for a betrayal of Glaber after Spartacus organises a trade of weapons and armor for her life, only to be ambushed by Glaber who seems not to care if his wife and child are killed.

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Supernatural – Out With The Old Review

Supernatural just keeps on coming up with creative ways to kill people. The episode started out with a ballet dancer who literally dances her own feet off, in an explosion of blood. This leads into the first story of the episode, Cursed Objects.

An antique store in town has been selling cursed objects, as the previous owner was a hunter. Now as I said, Supernatural keeps coming up with creative new ways for people to die and death number 2 in the episode is one of these. After buying a cursed kettle, a nice old housewife decides it would be a good idea to pick up a steaming hot, cast iron kettle, bare handed and drink the water inside, as you can imagine this didn’t work out to well and she was burned from the inside out.

It would seem that Sam has come clean to Dean that he can no longer control seeing Lucifer in his mind anymore and now is getting next to no sleep, which almost leads to his death as he falls asleep at the wheel and almost gets into a head on collision with a truck. It’s interesting to see how they are handling the Lucifer storyline as I’m not sure how they can end it. How do you fix Sam’s mind?

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The Walking Dead – Better Angels Review

Warning, this review contains full spoilers for tonights episode!

Well, what an ending that was. Shane was truly psychotic at the end and its about time he copped a bullet to the head. Though it does raise a question, how do these people, Shane and Randall both turn into zombies without being infected?

Anyway lets start at the beginning, the episode started out with a monologue by Rick at Dales funeral over the top of the others taking out the sadness and anger on a bunch of walkers, it was a good scene and set the tone for the episode. Rick wanted the group to prove that it wasn’t broken, as Dale had said it was but I don’t think that was possible while Shane was still around, however I thought the talk that Lori had with Shane might have been a turning point for him, alas it wasn’t.

It was good to see the Randall storyline wrap up in this episode as well, with Shane going into the barn and freeing him, then coming up with a scheme to make it look as though Randall had killed Rick and Shane coming in to kill Randall afterwards, but really he used it as a trick to get Rick into the middle of nowhere and kill him, himself. Some people back in the group may think that it was Rick who killed Shane for some reason, but I would say that Daryl will come out with his discovery of Randall’s broken neck and double tracks leading to his body to back up Rick’s story as to what happened with Shane.

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