Community Spotlight – Battlefield 3

I have been sending out requests left, right and centre over the past few days, scouring the internet communities for the best tips, strategies and loadouts from the top players around the world and have had a good response, getting some really helpful tips and tricks on how to improve your skills and not get annihilated when you play online.

So if you are a new player who is looking for some ways to improve your skills, or a veteran who wants that one thing to launch them into greatness, take a read of our tips from the community and take in what works on the Battlefield!

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Ubisoft Announce Ghost Recon Network and Future Soldier Beta

In a not so surprising move, Ubisoft has today announced they will launch a social website, not that dissimilar to Battlelog and Call of Duty Elite, for the upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

The website will have the same features as Battlelog and Elite, with stat tracking and social aspects, you can recieve challenges via iPhone from your friends, customize your weapons and post up your personal weapons for everyone to see. The service looks as though it has been in development a long time, maybe a contributing factor to the games many delays?

Ubisoft also announced there will be a Future Soldier beta running from April 19 through to May 2 and all beta testers will gain early access to the Ghost Recon network to test it out as well as the game.

I think this is a good move from Ubisoft, I am a fan of Battlelog for Battlefield 3 and will be picking up Future Soldier on day 1, if Ghost Recon Network is functioning well, it could be a big boost for the game.

Check out the video after the break.

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