Diablo 3 Launch Site Reveals The Monk

The third reveal from the Diablo 3 launch website, Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise, is the Monk;

“The monks. Holy warriors who believe that the madness and chaos of Sanctuary are destined to be brought into order, and that it is their sacred mission to assist their thousand and one gods in doing so. Arrayed in the fiery colors of Ytar, the fire god, monks draw from their years of intense training and meditation to become masters of melee combat. While proficient with many types of weapons‚ Aistaves, blades, maces and spears, monks have no real need for such crude tools. Their discipline has honed both body and mind into living instruments of divine justice”.

You can read a new short story for the Monk class on the website as well as a short background.

Watch the trailer for the Monk after the break.

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Diablo 3 Barbarian Trailer Released

As with last weeks reveal of the Demon Hunter class, Blizzard’s Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise website has released information and a trailer for the Barbarian class.

The Barbarian is described as;

Mighty warriors whose strength and ferocity are a match for any foe, whether slavering beast or foul demon. Tall, broad, and rippling with muscle, the barbarian can bear a heavy weapon too large for a commoner to lift, or wield two full-sized armaments—one in each hand—with wickedly lethal purpose. In the wild and monstrous lands of Sanctuary, there is nothing more frightening than a barbarian with a dry blade”.

So if you like to get in amongst the fight and rip your enemies to shreds from close range, the Barbarian class might be for you.

Watch the trailer after the break.

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