Game of Thrones RPG Combat Walkthrough

Game of Thrones

Atlus Entertainment have released a video walk-through showing how the combat system in the upcoming Game of Thrones RPG works. You can slow down time in the game if you become overwhelmed by the battle, while in just normal fights when you have things handled it all happens in real time. The video goes onto showing some of how the classes will work and how you can specify your character.


Interview with Game of Thrones star Michelle Fairley

The hype train is at full steam for Game of Thrones, with the Season 2 premiere mere weeks away Dorkshelf has posted up a great interview with Game of Thrones star Michelle Fairley, who plays Catelyn Stark on the show. The interview discusses Season 2 and what will be going on. It does contain spoilers if you haven’t read the books but its a very interesting interview.

Braveheart TV Show Coming?


Due to the successes of shows like Spartacus and Game of Thrones, apparently a Braveheart TV show is in the works. According to The Hollywood Reporter the show is currently in development and will tell the backstory of William Wallace and we will see the events that led up to what happens in the original film.

Hmmm, seems like it could be interesting, though not sure there is room for another “epic” series on tv with the ones that are already on taking up so much room, seems like it could be a cash grab to me.

Mod Tech Top 10 – Shows on TV

This is the first in our new Top 10 articles. We will keep bringing out new Top 10 countdowns on different topics, leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for a topic you would like us to cover.

This first article is going to cover the Top 10 shows currently on TV, listed from 10-1. So without further delay…

10. Grimm


Grimm only premiered not long ago but it has quickly become one of my favourite new shows. The fairytale background of the series doesn’t get in the way of some very adult storytelling and violence. I think the lead actors work well together, and the over arching plot that is hinted at every now and then gives you something to think about between the monster of the week format of the show.

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New Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailer

HBO has released yet another trailer for the upcoming second season of Game of Thrones. Entitled “The More you Love”, the trailer focuses on the relationships of the main characters and how they will eventually be their downfall.

There is quick glimpses in the trailer of what looks to be Ygritte, also Melisandre, who readers know as Stannis’s Red Priestess. April 1 cannot come fast enough!

GDC12: Game of Thrones MMO First Look

Game of Thrones

IGN has posted up a detailed preview of the browser-based MMORPG based on Game of Thrones, its an interesting read and goes into detail about the way the game will work and how combat and politics play major parts in the game.

The article states that the 3 major factions in the game are the Lannisters, Starks and Baratheons who are all trying to install a new Hand of the King after the death of the previous one, the politics of the books series will play into the game as well, with factions being able to offer bribes to entice other factions players to defect to their cause.

Head over to IGN for more info.

Awesome Game of Thrones Couch Gag on The Simpsons

We all know that Game of Thrones is a huge success but you have never truly made it until you have been parodied by The Simpsons. In the newest episode of The Simpsons they have made the couch gag even more epic with its parody of the opening credits sequence of Game of Thrones.

War Is Coming in the New Game of Thrones S2 Trailer!

I’m so excited for the premiere of Game of Thrones season 2, as an avid fan of the books it was great to see my favourite characters make it to the screen and now for it to be back for season 2, it just makes me giddy.

The latest trailer is full of new scenes not seen yet and paints a picture of what is to come in the land of Westeros.

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