15 Minute Look At Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Multiplayer

Inside Gaming has posted up a great 15 minute extended look at the multiplayer mode in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The video looks at the different modes, weapon customization, custom match setup and how important it is to work as a team!

This game is really shaping up to be something unique and fun I think, the customization system is just huge, with millions of different combinations. The focus on team play should drive away the hero types and campers that play Call of Duty, giving players an experience more in the vein of how the designers intended the game to be played.

Graphics wise the game doesn’t blow my mind, but that could be the low quality of Youtube, I will make my final assessment on that when I play the game on my big screen.

Check out the video after the break

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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Multiplayer Trailer

The new multiplayer trailer for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is full of hectic action, it looks very promising indeed. Showing some footage from different modes in the game, the multiplayer seems as though it will bring a good mix of fast paced action and stealth. With the beta launching next week, I’m sure lots of new impressions will come out of that and a better idea of what the finished product will be like.

Watch the trailer after the break.

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Ghost Recon Network – Designer Interview

G4 have posted up an interview with the lead designer on the Ghost Recon Network, Rob Newns. The video details what will release with the service, including stat tracking, achievements, heat maps of each multiplayer maps to help with intel and planning your strategies online. Squad management is also in the Network, used both online and with iOS and Android apps developed for the game. You can also use the Gunsmith feature on the go, which means your custom weapons are ready to go when you get home.

Watch the video at the G4 website.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Introduces Guerilla Mode

The latest Inside Recon dev diary from Ubisoft details a new mode in Future Soldier, Guerilla Mode. The multiplayer game type is a 4 player co-op mode that can be played online, over lan or on split screen.

Guerilla Mode looks to be extremely fun, having you use your tech and stealth skills to take an enemy position and then have to defend that position against 10 waves of enemy soldiers. If you can defend the HQ for 10 waves you move on to take another position and hold for another 10 waves, to win you need to hold for 50 waves all up.

As you move on in the game you get “Streak Bonuses”, airdrops that will give you items for offence or defence such as weapons, turrets or airstrikes. The mode is based on a points system, the more imaginative and coordinated the kills the more points, use the UAV to mark enemies, with every marked enemy more points.

Seems like a really fun and interesting mode, something different to take you out of deathmatch.

Watch the trailer after the break.

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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta on Playstation Plus

Starting sometime in April, the beta for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be available to Playstation Plus subscribers. No exact date on when the beta will start yet, but it will be during April. So if you are hanging out for some Ghost action, sign up to PS+ and get your fix next month.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier online Co op Video

IGN have posted up a cool new gameplay video from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, featuring a look at the games online co op mode. The full game is available to play in co op mode and the video showcases how you need to work together with your squad to achieve the objectives. Whether it is using your technology to get the jump on enemies or making yourself a target so another squamate can heal your friends, teamwork is key in co op mode.

I for one am looking forward to getting online with this game and creating some carnage.


Ghost Recon Future Soldier dev diary shows off new technology

Ubisoft have released a new dev diary for the upcoming third person shooter, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The commentary of the video explains how the different technology in the game will enhance the gameplay and give you new ways to kill the enemy.

If you like to play in the shadows using stealth there is plenty of gadgets in the game to let you have that play style, however if you just want to go in all guns blazing that might work to, but probably better to use the tools at your disposal to get the job done.

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