Diablo 3 TV Spot is 30 Seconds of Awesome

The first TV spot for Diablo 3 aired last night and it is awesome, featuring Diablo, Tyrael and Leah Cain, as well as a few very nice looking CG monsters, the trailer got me even more excited for the game, if that is even possible.

Check out the video after the break.

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BlizzCast 17 Discusses Diablo 3 Quest, Item and Sound Design

The fans have unlocked the 50% video from the Diablo 3, Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise, website.

The video is a BlizzCast that features interviews with the design team, discussing different aspects of the game design, randomization, quest design, items and more. The video shows some in-game footage and also discusses the changes the game will go through after your first play through, with different items and armor becoming available on different run throughs and difficulty levels. It’s just another good insight into what has gone into the development of the game.

Watch the interview after the break.

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Diablo 3 Developer Diary Discusses State of the Game, Beards.

The first dev diary on the Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise, Diablo 3 website has been unlocked. In the video, Game Director Jay Wilson, Art Director Christian Lichtner, and Lead Software Engineer Jason Regier sit down and discuss the development of the game, what has gone into creating the game so far and why they wanted to grow beards.

Watch the interview after the break.

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Diablo 3 Armor and Boss Design Feature

IGN has posted up a great feature showcasing the armor sets and boss design in the upcoming game. Featuring bosses Azmodan and Diablo, the article is a good insight into the process of how Blizzard come to design their enemies and armor sets.

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