Supernatural: ‘The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo’ Review

This weeks episode was a bit mediocre I thought, saved by a few scenes that brought it up from being not so good.

This episode was touted on the internet because of the guest appearance of Felicia Day, but to be honest I thought she was more annoying than anything else, her only saving grace being the flirt scene with Dean on the other end of the phone, I laughed out loud at that scene and even that was more for Dean’s part than hers.

We returned to the Leviathans this week, with Sam and Dean needing to go into the “Death Star” as Dean put it, to recover a hard drive of Frank’s that the Leviathans were trying to hack. The hard drive had information about the brothers false identities and even where they stashed the Impala, Dean didn’t like that at all. So the brother’s head towards Roman Enterprises to do their mission, bringing in Day’s character, Charlie, who is the one hacking the drive, she agrees to help Sam and Dean after she sees her boss eaten by a Leviathan. This brings us to the mission of the episode, with Sam and Dean sitting this one out and letting Charlie infiltrate the office and get the information they need.

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Supernatural – Of Grave Importance Review

Ah, it’s good to have Supernatural back on TV, it seems to go on long breaks way to much.

To begin the review I need to say, thank god they can finally see Bobby, been way to long since they got to interact with him. With that out of the way, lets begin at the beginning.

The episode kicks off with an all to familiar setting, teenagers hooking up in a haunted house, this is only going to end one way right?! So as was expected, the kids get butchered. The house they are in just so happens to be the job that one of Bobby’s old flames is working a job at, Annie enters the house to find the kids dead, before getting attacked herself. When she doesn’t show up to meet with Sam and Dean the next day, the boys go looking for her.

Doing a bit of research, Sam and Dean find the job where Annie was working and begin to snoop around, you know something isn’t right, generally when some disappears in Supernatural they are dead. No difference here, the boys find Annie’s phone, whilst Ghost Bobby finds Annie, who is now a ghost herself.

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Supernatural – Out With The Old Review

Supernatural just keeps on coming up with creative ways to kill people. The episode started out with a ballet dancer who literally dances her own feet off, in an explosion of blood. This leads into the first story of the episode, Cursed Objects.

An antique store in town has been selling cursed objects, as the previous owner was a hunter. Now as I said, Supernatural keeps coming up with creative new ways for people to die and death number 2 in the episode is one of these. After buying a cursed kettle, a nice old housewife decides it would be a good idea to pick up a steaming hot, cast iron kettle, bare handed and drink the water inside, as you can imagine this didn’t work out to well and she was burned from the inside out.

It would seem that Sam has come clean to Dean that he can no longer control seeing Lucifer in his mind anymore and now is getting next to no sleep, which almost leads to his death as he falls asleep at the wheel and almost gets into a head on collision with a truck. It’s interesting to see how they are handling the Lucifer storyline as I’m not sure how they can end it. How do you fix Sam’s mind?

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Mod Tech Top 10 – Shows on TV

This is the first in our new Top 10 articles. We will keep bringing out new Top 10 countdowns on different topics, leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for a topic you would like us to cover.

This first article is going to cover the Top 10 shows currently on TV, listed from 10-1. So without further delay…

10. Grimm


Grimm only premiered not long ago but it has quickly become one of my favourite new shows. The fairytale background of the series doesn’t get in the way of some very adult storytelling and violence. I think the lead actors work well together, and the over arching plot that is hinted at every now and then gives you something to think about between the monster of the week format of the show.

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