‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Previewed at CinemaCon

Don’t you wish you were there for this? Christopher Nolan has shown a preview of his final film in his Batman story.

According to reports from the showing, the footage shown is truly epic, from the music to the action, it was all said to be great. Bane’s voice is now crystal clear as well, laying to rest the fears some people had that we wouldn’t be able to understand him in the film.

The footage showed some of the finished product of the leaked videos of Bane’s soldiers fighting with Gotham cops whilst Batman and Bane battle amongst the chaos. Catwoman also gets some screen time in the footage, both as Catwoman and Selina Kyle, speaking with Bruce Wayne, also kissing him!

From every report, the footage is said to be something special, with little to no complaints. The wait for this movie just got a little bit longer!

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises

The wait it so long for The Dark Knight Rises, it just seems to be coming at a crawl, so to help make the wait a bit harder, here is a good shot of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the movie.

Looks pretty good to me, stays with Nolan’s more realistic take on the Batman world.

Check it out after the break.

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Nolan Screens The Dark Knight Rises for Warner

Batman in The Dark Knight Rises

I know, I know, I’m just as jealous, today Christopher Nolan, director of the past two Batman movies and of the upcoming Dark Knight Rises has screened his first rough cut of the movie to Warner Bros executives today. Nolan is said to have left himself plenty of time to fine tune the film to his and Warner’s liking before its release in July. So keep an eye out for reports of Warner Bros’ opinions of the film.

The Dark Knight Rises opens in theatres on July 20.

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